Christoph Bruckschweiger receives CAS in Arbitration

The course comprises four modules of five days (each from Thursday through to Monday), therefore all in all 20 days. The first module focuses on the legal basics governing international arbitration. The modules two to four followed the typical procedure of an international arbitration (mainly orientated on commercial arbitration). A mock case accompanied the participants throughout the course in order to show the typical sequence of events from the notice of arbitration to the issuing of the award, setting-aside procedures and the the enforcement of the award under the New York Convention.

The entire course was taught in English and especially the last two modules were charcterized by a strong involvement of the participants.

As an example, the following mock case exercise had to be dealt with: counsel to respondent had to convince the tribunal that a witness statement which only appeared after the lapse of the respective cut off date had to be accepted as means of evidence due to the fact that criminal allegations surfaced in connection with that witness statement and that it was material to the outcome of the case and could therefore not be disregarded.

Counsel teams as well as the member of the tribunal were all participants of the course and the time given to prepare the respective pleadings was one hour. The the respective facts were conveyed to the participants as variation of the original mock case. Those exercises created a very realistic arbitration hearing atmosphere since the participants very much identified themselves with their respective roles. It was highly interesting to see which dynamics resulted and the learning factor was enormous. And - after all it was great fun.

Aside from an oral exam, a research paper had to be prepared which had to suffice prerequisites of academic writing. Christoph chose a topic in connection with the role of "Guerilla Tactics" in arbitration, a topic of great practical relevance.

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