Dr. Karl Mumelter, LL.M., Partner with WGB, spoke on 5 September 2019 at the Thirty-Seventh International Symposium on Economic Crime at Cambridge University (Jesus College) on “The New Face of Liechtenstein”.

The speech addressed in particular Liechtenstein’s development from a tax haven to the Government’s Tax Compliant Strategy including in particular: FATCA, BEPS, Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters, Register of Beneficial Owners, Modernization of AML-legislation (tax fraud and tax evasion as predicate offences to money laundering; making all offences with a penalty of more than one year imprisonment predicate offences to money laundering; allowing a final hearing in the absence of the accused in money laundering proceedings); Modernization of Anti-Corruption law (introduction of the new offence of bribery and corruption in commercial transactions, the revision of the existing offenses against corruption, and the new legal definition of the public official); Relevant amendments in Confiscation and Forfeiture (gross principle; dropping the requirement of the dangerous nature of the object to be confiscated); the Governments new Financial Centre Strategy and Liechtenstein’s plans regarding a Blockchain Jurisdiction. Publication pending.